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Hello and welcome to Tribal Wars Cheats!

Hey fellow Tribal Wars fan, my name is Abdo, one of the most feared and respected players in the game…

I am an undefeated killing machine on all the worlds I have played and the current rank 1 player on 2 worlds (.net and .co.uk) and have been the rank one player on several more…

… I have yet to fail in taking rank 1 on any world I have taken seriously!

I am mainly known (as Abdo) on the UK server, however, after hitting the top ranks repeatedly on .net, my influence is spreading there just as fast, thus I believe I qualify as one of the best Tribal Wars experts around and you’d do very well to have me as your Tribal Wars  guide!

I absolutely love playing Tribal Wars and I’ve so much to share with you…

I love the game so much that I’ve been known to play over 16+ hours a day! However, what I love most is the social aspect of the game and helping other players, especially noobs, to be the best players they can be!

One of my biggest kicks is transforming noobs into PROS, however…

My fellow elite players raise their eyebrows at me making friends and sharing my elite Tribal Wars tips and insider cheats and guides with all the n00bs who send me daily fan mail (yes being the rank 1 player gives you celebrity status), but, I really enjoy doing this, plus…

… I’m always looking to face strong competition, and worthy opponents are extremely difficult to find these days, so it’ my hope that giving away my Tribal Wars secrets will increase the chance of me finding a worthy adversary!


… my in-game mails have now got to the point where I’m struggling to make time to play the game, let alone reply to all my in-game messages!

For this reason, I’ve created this website

I will share with you everything you need, or want to know about Tribal Wars, so you’ll gain the unfair advantage to annihilate your competition whilst giving me a fresh challenge should you play in one of my worlds!

I plan to update this website regularly with the hottest tips and strategies known, plus the jealously guarded secrets and cheats the elite TW players do not want to share with you out of fear of creating competition for themselves!

“If you have a Tribal Wars question you’d like to ask, and you do not find the answer within these pages, then help me to help you by clicking on the “contact” tab at the side of this page and email me your question”

The answers to your questions will be revealed here on my website for all to see, however, your identity will not be revealed, just the answer to your question…

… this helps me help you faster and it saves me time replying to the same questions over and over again.

Now if you’re not shy, and do not mind others seeing your comments, then please feel free to leave your messages at the bottom of any of my posts… it will be fantastic to hear from you!

I look forward to chatting with you soon,