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The ULTIMATE Tribal Wars Nuke

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What is the ultimate Nuke in Tribal Wars?

Well, this is a debate I come across all the time, and of course, you will want to have specialist Nukes to adapt to particular opponents, however, the simple fact is; you want to build your offensive villages to produce your Nukes as fast as possible to be able to strike repeatedly…

… the faster your Nukes’ build time, the more effective your nukes are in the long run!

Your General Nukeshould be the fastest possible to build, and after calculating the numbers, and testing them in game, here is my “ultimate” Nuke:

6083 Axes
3342 LC
250 Rams

Having more than 7k axes is absurd, too time consuming, and the payoff just isn’t worth the wait.

With this Nuke Axe and LC finish exactly at the same minute, the Axes finish 2 minutes sooner… there is no faster Nuke and the damage it does is great!

Now of course u can shoot 200 Mounted Archers in them if you play a world with Archer settings, but if you do, make sure you reduce around 150 Light Cavalry and 200 Axes to accommodate the added MA in your offensive village.

Do not build more than 6500 Axes, EVER, and do not build any Nukes without Rams (it is pointless) because you want to be as agile as possible, and be able to strike from all your offensive villages at any given time…

… I never like the “few Nukes without Rams” because IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT! (shake)


Happy nobling,



  1. THX !! :)

  2. ya great(but im not that big yet:()ive been playing since november and i only have 1,819 points and i spend hours on it everyday

  3. Colonel Sarcasm says:

    Excellent nuke model Abdo! You cannot fault the math behind the build :)

    People who have ram-less nukes are crazy, I don’t feel the extra men overcome the bonus added by demolishing the wall.

  4. Abdo your guide has truly helped , i started on 31st Dec 2011 and already have 5 villages and 19k points.

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