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Tribal Wars Farming Guide – The Secret to Super Fast Growth

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What is the most essential skill when playing Tribal Wars?   Farming!

You may wonder why I haven’t said timing attacks, mega fast noble trains or even defending your village…

Have you ever started a new world and within a day or so there’s one guy not far away and his village is growing at an amazing rate.  He is the first guy in your area to noble a new village…

And to make it worse, he’s conquered a new village before you have even reached 1000 points.

Before you know it, that player is dominating the local map…

He’s a point whore right?  He has no troops really…

He cheats, he uses bots and illegal scripts…


Tribal Wars is all about domination.

Early game it is essential to grow quickly – both in village size and troops.  Mid game you need to keep producing your nobles and armies to sustain your growth rate.

You need resources faster than your villages produce them. 

You need to farm!

The key to your success, to being the guy (or girl!) who dominates the local map and strikes fear into the local players, is having a good farming strategy

Tribal Wars Farming Guide 1 – Scout Evaluation Report Method.

In this video I will reveal one of the farming techniques the top Tribal Wars players use on a daily basis.  I’ll show you how to farm villages around you efficiently.

Having a premium account is essential if you want to use the evaluation script, but I will also show you how to work out your farming hauls using a calculator.

Step 1.  Send scouts to all the farms around your village.  Start in your 7×7 and work outwards.

Step 2. When you receive the scout reports, work out how many troops you need to send to bring home a full resource haul.  The battle report script (click HERE for the script) will work this out for you or you can use a calculator.

Troops needed = (wood + clay + iron)/troop carrying capacity

Villages are always producing resources.  The script is great farming tool for working out how many resources will be in the village when your troops arrive and tell you how many of each troop type you need to send.

Step 3. Send your troops out to farm and collect the resources.

Repeat each step until you have covered all of your local map area.

In the next farming guide I will reveal a technique to use if there is lots of farming competition in your area.


  1. where can one get this farm evaluation script? please send the script if you have it or the website that has it to rlspeers@optimum.net

  2. It’s much competition when I farm can u tell me the thecnique?

    • Yes I will be revealing this method within my monthly “Elite Tribal Wars” course…

      … you can sign up to this course by clicking HERE.

  3. Nice tutorial, thanks. Would you let me have a copy of your farming script please.

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